Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a Blessing

God sends us blessings in little ways that sometimes we tend to overlook.... For some reason I have really been stressing out a little about Christmas pictures this year. Partly because Lucca is so unpredictable, and his reflux, and the waiting way past your appt time before they actually take you back, etc. Especially after we went last week and Lucca ended up not feeling well and not cooperating and then us having to reschedule just kinda made it a little more stressful lol.. Plus the place we are going is very good but they aren't the cheapest and they always weasel you into buying more than you intended so it ends up costing more than you wanted to spend. With all the doctor bills we have right now, that's not a good thing lol because I'm easily weaseled! hehe

Well Today, Randy's cousin Tara (from T.R. Photography...you can look her up on facebook) sent me a random e-mail asking where we lived. I told her where and she sent one back saying that she wanted to do our family photos for us.....for FREE!! Excuse me?! Did you say free?! OMG What a TREMENDOUS blessing for us right now! I wanted to cry I was so happy and excited and relieved that she offered to do this for us! This is just an awesome reminder to me that God works in mysterious ways and He is blessing us every day in little ways... God is so good! and thank you so so very much Tara! You don't know what a great thing you are doing for us, we really appreciate it!


Schauss Family Happenings said...

Ahhhh...that is so sweet. What a nice person!

Miranda said...

Yaaay! That's awesome girl! I can't wait to see them!