Monday, January 10, 2011

Lucca's 2nd Birthday Party..


For Lucca's ACTUAL birthday which was on Wednesday, December 29th, we took him to Sam's St. John's Seafood and he ate a WHOLE kids meal of Fried Flounder, a baked potato, applesauce AND a cupcake! My little man can eat! And he actually kept it ALL down! Here are a few pictures from the restaurant..

-Lucca and his "2 yr shirt" made by cousin, Tricia-

-we were trying to get a cute picture but obviously the balloon is more important lol-

-My Little Family on Lucca's 2nd Birthday!-

-Chowin down on his fried flounder!-

-Stuffing a cupcake in his mouth-

-Lucca's 2nd Birthday Party!-

-Happy 2nd Birthday Lucca!!-

-The cake table-

-One of his cakes-

-Cupcake cake-

-The birthday boy himself-


-Mommy & The birthday boy!-

-Papa & Lucca-

-Making a mess!-
There are so many more pictures of friends and family that made it but it was giving me an error code and wouldn't let me upload anymore at this point in time..hopefully I can get more on later.. that being said, thank you so much to all the friends and family who did make it! We are so lucky to have you all in ours and Lucca's life! It was so great to see you all and we are sorry that we didn't get to sit and talk with you more :( Thank you for all the wonderful gifts for Lucca! He is going to love them all!!

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Miranda said...

OMG I can't believe he's already 2!! I remember his first b-day like it was yesterday!!!

I can't wait until he gets our gift! :-)