Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Lord's Hand

This morning I took Lucca to church at Evangel to listen to Dr. John Kilpatrick, who is a healing pastor. I was a little anxious because every time I have ever taken Lucca to church he has started crying within the first 10 minutes of being in there.. I don't know if it is because the singing scares him, or it is too loud or what.. I am sooo glad that we went. Lucca was soo good the entire service, even through all the screaming and yelling and loud singing. I truly believe the Lord's hand was on Lucca keeping him calm the entire time because HE knew that I needed to hear that message today. Isn't it amazing how the Lord works? Even in little instances such as this, I know that it was the Lord keeping a calmness over him, because Lucca FREAKS out in church! The entire message almost I felt was talking to me or about my life right now. He talked about Satan Attacks, and how to know when you are under attack. One thing that really stuck out to me was he said that Satan attacks right before he knows that God is about to bless you, and that everything is proportionate.. For example: If you are undergoing a little attack from Satan that means God is about to give you a little blessing. If you are going through something mediocre, you are about to receive a mediocre blessing.. and if you are going through HELL, then God is about to give you such a huge blessing! Definitely a different way to look at trials huh? I am going to try and start looking at them that way. He also told us that Satan attacks in areas that will deter from fulfilling God's plan for us, and gave us an example about a preacher named Oral Roberts I think. Said that Satan attacked his speaking by making him stutter and gave him TB.. He said, "now what are the two main things that a preacher has to have?? A tongue and lungs!" and that is what Satan attacked on this preacher, but it didn't stop him from becoming an incredible healing preacher! I know in my heart that the Lord is going to do great things in and through Lucca and whatever Satan is attacking, I know that Lucca is going to push through and prove Satan wrong! We we able to go down after the service and he prayed over Lucca and claimed healing on him, and said that he felt the hand of the Lord on Lucca as we were praying over him.. It must have been true because Lucca was so incredibly docile and calm. Today definitely gave me a new perspective on a lot of things, and I know that it was meant for me to be at that service and am so thankful to have this feeling again!

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