Saturday, February 19, 2011

Results & Games

We got Lucca's test results back from his Gastric Emptying Scan and he definitely has pretty bad delayed gastric emptying.. I was right!! So we started him on the antibiotic Erythromycin last Friday (which is the medicine with the side effects of moving food contents through a little quicker).. so far so good!!! He has had a few little "refluxes" where the food comes back into his mouth but he has been able to swallow it back down and no BIG refluxes! He is already starting to look thicker and healthier! We are really hoping this is the answer to our prayers and this past week has hopefully been a preview of what the future will hold :)

Also, Paw-Paw has taught Lucca how to "hit and kick" over the past few months.. not a good thing, I know... but it just kinda came about and now Lucca does it repetitively when we do certain exercises and games.. It is so hilarious and cute that we can't resist doing it :) Here is a VERY CUTE video of Lucca and Paw-Paw playing together.. they just LOVE each other so much :)

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