Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun-filled Family Weekend!

This weekend I have 5 days off because my parents went out of town for an "early" anniversary vacation. SO I had to take off work Thursday and Friday.. *DARN* lol

Thursday I had planned to take Lucca to the town center and walk around but the rain quickly put a damper on those plans, so we just stayed at home.. Lucca was in a pretty poopy mood that day anyway so it all kinda worked out.

Friday Randy took off of work and we went to the beach! We had a really good time for the most part and Lucca LOVED the water hitting his feet! Unfortunately it was soooooo windy that we ended up leaving early. The wind kept blowing our umbrella out of the sand and it almost took us out several times! Randy got some really cute pictures of Lucca enjoying the weather and water. That boy LOVES to be outside! This summer we are definitely going to try to take him to the beach more often. Last year we only went once and I regret it :(

-I think this picture captues Lucca's innocence so well-

-He really enjoyed the breeze!-

-Loving the water-

-watching the waves-

-my heart-

Yesterday we had family pictures done by Randy's cousin, Tara from T.R. Photography. She had given us a free session around Christmas time but with it being SO cold this winter we were never able to schedule a session so we are JUST NOW getting it done.. hehe I can't wait to see them! Once again, Lucca LOVED being outside and was such a good boy. He didn't really want to smile tho :( We got them done at Eagle Landing, a golf course, that had some REALLY pretty scenery!

Over all it has been such a great family weekend! Lucca has been in a great mood and we have taken him outside to do something every day and he has LOVED it! Maybe today we will try to take him to the park :)


Michelle said...

Eagle's Landing is right down from my condo!

Schauss Family Happenings said...

Glad you had a good weekend! (BTW...I stole your PMS button.)

Lynzy said...

thats totally fine! a good friend actually made it for me!