Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

.. This morning Randy came to church with Lucca and I. Our Weekend didn't quite turn out like we thought it would. Randy's and my anniversary was May 5th and we were going to go to the beach and go fishing on Friday, but dad called us that morning saying Lucca had a fever of over 101. So he decided to monitor it, and it started raining so we never got to go to the beach. We went to check on lil man and his fever had shot up to 103.3 and when we called his doctor to make an appt, HIS doctor was out for a family emergency and the other doctor was sick.. so no doctor! of course... so my mom called his FIRST pediatrician (which we stopped seeing) and they were actually able to get us in self-pay. Thank the Lord because Lucca ended up having strep throat! (which he probably got from me but I didnt know it was strep).. so anyway, he hasn't been quite up to par this weekend so today he was quite whiny at church. We were going to go eat afterwards with my parents but that didn't quite work out well either.. so we haven't really done much of anything that we had planned this weekend, but at least Lucca is starting to feel a little better.. I Hope that everyone had a

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