Thursday, May 5, 2011

God Works in Mysterious Ways :)

So I found this whole situation pretty amazing & I wanted to share :)

Sunday after church I sent my pastor a message asking if he had ever thought of starting a special needs ministry, and his response was that they were looking into it and he had a couple that he wanted to introduce me to that had showed interest in ministering in that area.
So the next morning I e-mailed the girls in my Bible Study group asking them to pray about the possibility of this special needs ministry taking off at my church, and one of them answered saying that she had a sweet friend that had recently starting going to my church and had a little boy with Down Syndrome, that I should get in touch with her. So I did, he she told me that they were new to Evangel but not new to the ministry and that they had known Pastor Garry for a while now and that it would be really neat if her and I could be apart of making history in special needs at Evangel! Then I got to thinking.. I wonder if her and her husband are the couple Pastor Garry was wanting to introduce me to?! So I asked him, and it was! How amazing! That ONE day after I mention it to him, someone totally not involved tells me I should talk to a lady that started going to my church and it happens to be the SAME couple that the preacher wanted me to get to know! I don't know about how everyone else sees this situation but I think it is pretty amazing and think that God works in mysterious ways and this was something meant to be!! Please everyone pray that this special needs idea takes off at my church because it would be so incredibly awesome and I feel so passionately about it!
I know from personal experience how hard it is to go to church and actually be able to sit through an entire service , because Lucca gets anxiety as soon as the doors close and I have to take him out, and I can't put him in the nursery because he can't keep up with the other 2 year olds, and basically has to have someone constantly watching him because he falls back unexpectedly and can hurt himself. I know that I am not the only one out there experiencing that, so this would be such a great thing and I can't wait to see what the future holds :)

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natacha said...

What a great story , that is so God.. I pray that God gives you Divine wisdom concerning this ministry . He gave you Lucca because he knew you were right for the job. Be encouraged, and continue to trust God in every aspect of your life. He will will not fail you. You are an inspiration to many . God Bless You!! You are in my prayers..