Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our God is Soo Good

We have (not so patiently) been waiting for the results of mine and Randy's chromosome bloodwork to come back to find out which one of us carried the Balanced Translocation. The last time we met with the doctor he told us that with the type of Unbalanced Translocation that Lucca has more than 80 percent of the time it comes from a parent, and while there is a 20 percent chance it might not, MOST of the time it does.. So basically we were told to be prepared and not get our hopes up. So these past 3 1/2 weeks I have been beating myself up waiting and trying to prepare for the grief of what if it is me? I am not prepared to carry that guilt around that it is my fault my son is this way... So I have been praying that even though it is basically "impossible" that we would be in that less than 20 percent..

So Thursday while we were waiting for Lucca's Music therapy session to start, I got the phone call... She said they had received our results and were completely shocked that they came back showing that Randy's and my chromosomes are completely normal and neither of us carry the balanced translocation! We are in the less than 20 percent group!!! The doctor told us that Lucca is so rare and special because results rarely ever come back this way with neither of the parents being carriers when the child's chromosomes are arranged like Lucca's are.. Is our God good or what?! I was so excited!! This means two great things.. 1. Neither Randy or I have to have the guilt on us that we are the reasons for Lucca having this and 2. If we decided we wanted to, we could have another child!

A sweet friend told me right after we found out that with the results coming back this way just goes to prove EVEN MORE that God made Lucca special AND especially for us!
I couldn't agree more! with her or the doctors.. Lucca IS Special! And I know God made him especially for me! My God doesn't make mistakes when making His children, and he knew that Lucca would be perfect for us, and I am SOO glad we were chosen to be his parents. :) I am so so glad to FINALLY get some good news for a change!!

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Schauss Family Happenings said...

You totally just made me cry! I am so happy for you guys. Going through the same stress of waiting on test results, I completely understand preparing for the guilt. Jeff and I were so relieved to find out that Ashlyn's deletion was de novo.