Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dern Mucous Plug

NO...not THAAAT kind of mucous plug... hehe (got your attention tho didn't it) :)
My poor lil booger boo hasn't been feeling well since Saturday morning.. He woke up with a fever, but acted ok.. Then Sunday he started breathing funny and his fever was getting higher.. So we started breathing treatments and tylenol/motrin. Monday morning he woke up around 1:00 am BURNING up, but was having hot/cold chills.. ( I have NEVER seen him have this so it freaked me out). I gave him some tylenol and put him in bed with me and wrapped him up as tight as I could.. He was SO pitiful! So I decided to call his doctor and they got us in. The doctor told us that he could hear wheezing in his brochioles (the tubes that lead to your lungs) but nothing in his lungs yet. So to continue with breathing treatments every 2 hours because the infection was right on the edges and very close to getting to the lungs, and that would then be pneumonia. Sooo.. as soon as I got home I started up with the albuterol marathon..every 2 hours.. Monday night/Tuesday morning was somewhat rough, and his breathing was just pitiful.. he was hyperventilating and crackly sounding... Tuesday during the day his breathing wasn't great but he seemed to be getting energy back and his fever wasn't AS high as it had been.. and he was starting to cough (like the doc said he would to get all that nasty stuff out). So I thought we were on the uphill to recovery..... WRONG..
This morning, Lucca woke up CRYING, so pitiful.. sounding like Darth Vader from Star Wars, pitiful whining, BURNING up, coughing/gagging on what he was trying to cough up..when he would breathe out it sounded like the crackling sound after fireworks go off in the sky.. it was bad.. reeaaallly BAD. So I called the doc again this morning for an appt. When he got there Lucca had ZERO energy and was literally laying like a limp dish rag in my arms, TRYING so hard to breathe.
The doc listened to his chest again and said that his lungs actually sounded better, even though HE sounded terrible. What was happening was, that DERN MUCOUS PLUG was blocking a bronchiole causing part of his lung to not be receiving adequate air (atelectasis) and even though the mucous was breaking up and Lucca was TRYING to cough it up, he didn't have enough energy to get it all the way out, so its basically sitting in his chest causing infection.. The doc said we needed to get him on antibiotics immediately because the longer it sat like that, the infection would get worse and worse and in turn cause a REALLY BAD pneumonia.. He coughed up some stuff when the doc did his throat exam and it was N-A-S-T-Y green.. :( My poor lil booger. So he is now on Prednizone (sp?) a steroid, a z-pack, robitussin at night and albuteral every 2 hours.. we are gunna kick this infection in the bootay!!
He is so pitiful, and it stinks because he isn't able to tell me what is hurting and how he is feeling.. I just know that he is miserable.. So HOPEFULLY these medicines will start to help him improve.. Lord knows I don't want him to have pneumonia!


Michelle said...

Poor Lucca :( I hope he feels better soon!

Amber said...

Just read your blog! Love it! You are such a wonderful Mommy! I hope Lucca feels better soon!