Friday, July 8, 2011

It's always something

We have been in the process of trying to get Lucca some equipment (Wheelchair, Special stroller, and special walker) for the past couple of months.. We were told by Early Steps, which is the early intervention program that he is enrolled in until he turns 3, that they would help pay up to $1500 for each piece of equipment. We were told last week that we needed to revise his goal plan because they wouldn't approve it the way it was worded. So we did, and have been waiting on an approval.. The lady that it ordering his wheelchair has been calling me to say they she is ready to submit the order and it just waiting on Early Steps to send an approval because there is a timeline in which she has to submit the order. I asked for the boss lady's number that was not approving Lucca because I wanted to personally talk with her and find out what the deal was and the hold up for my son , who clearly needs this stuff, to not be getting approved... So I called her Thursday to find out what the deal was and why Lucca wasn't getting approved. I found out that 1.) they don't help pay for strollers..AT ALL...2.) they won't pay because Lucca will not benefit from/does not "need" the wheelchair or walker in the therapies that he is receiving from Early Steps.. (ST and OT) and 3.) because Lucca's PT that put in a request for the equipment is from Wolfson's and not early steps and they don't pay for outside requests... HELLO!!! you have known she was not with early steps for MONTHS, and you are JUST now telling me this?! I was soooooooo extremely mad/upset/furious, all of the above! So our amount that we are going to have to pay went from around $1500 to around $6000 in one afternoon.. I have applied for CMS and haven't heard anything back, and we make too much to receive any sort of medicaid, federal funding, etc.
I feel like we can never get ahead.. It's always something tearing us back down and making us struggle to get what my child needs.. I'm not even going to go into the "if I were lazy and wasnt working, trying to better my family... " Just trying to stay positive and hope we somehow come up with the money.. *sigh*

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Sara said...

Our income was too high to qualify for our states government healthcare, but they have a special program for children with disabilities. I believe that most states do. We just had to prove that Zoey was disabled. We still have a private insurance for her, but we also have that now too. It pays for all of her therapies and usually any additional equipment that you need. You should ask your early intervention site if your state has it. It has proved to be very helpful and we usually do not have to pick up any costs. Good Luck.