Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HUGE milestone!

Monday, Lucca had his 2nd speech therapy session. A few of my goals for him in speech were:
1) to learn some signs for communication
2) to learn to sip from a straw
3) to make purposeful sounds

So... while he was eating, several times he made purposeful "mmmm" sounds when we asked if he wanted 'more'. At first I thought it was just coincidence, but then I asked him if he wanted 'more' and he said "mmm"!!! OMG I thought I was gunna cry! I was so happy! and to make it even MORE awesome.... he was saying "mmmm" for his drink that he DRANK OUT OF A STRAW from!!! lol OMG what a proud, proud mommy I was/am. I showed my dad when he got home, and Lucca did it for him too! Said "mmm" and drank from the straw.. Now he is becoming a pro and has been drinking from it ever since! I am soooo incredibly proud because these are milestones they we didn't know if he would ever hit or not! I just love that little booger more and more everyday! Here is a video of him drinking out of a straw and saying "mmm" for his drink. (You have to listen REALLY CLOSE to hear the MMMmm.


Amber said...

Go Lucca go!! How exciting! Very proud of him! :)

Schauss Family Happenings said...

Good job Lucca! You'll treasure and remember those moments so much longer than everyone else.