Monday, July 18, 2011

PT Eval Through Early Steps

As you all know, we have been battling with trying to get Early Steps to help pay for Lucca's equipment for the past few months now. The last time I spoke with the coordinator she told me that some of the reasons that Lucca was getting denied was because his PT that recommended them was not apart of the Early Steps team, and they he would not benefit from them with the services he was receiving from them. So today, they sent out one of their PT's to eval him to see if they thought he needed the equipment. All I can say is wow, some people can really try to find every reason in the book to not help..

They were saying that a wheelchair wouldn't aid in helping him to walk and that it would cause his muscles to stop trying to work, and that the gait trainer would hurt him more than benefit him because it offers too much support and wouldn't help him learn to stand before walking, etc etc. After hearing all of that I basically shut them off and didn't hear a word they were saying.. I was totally done with the meeting and asked them if they had anymore questions for me. I couldn't help but start to cry and I told them that I was just disappointed because no one seems to want to help my child get what he needs, and they are finding every excuse they can to not help. I told them that he NEEDS this stuff and I am doing everything I can to try and get it for him , only to keep getting shut down every route I take. I told them I was sorry for crying but its hard when you have to see your child, and my ONLY child, suffer and not be able to get the equipment he needs to help him further his development.
Of course they got super quiet and I felt stupid for crying but I was so upset that I couldn't help it.
So after the awkward silence they told each other, Well lets go ahead and submit the paperwork for the wheelchair since it can be here pretty soon, and we will explore more options about the gait trainer and it if is going to be beneficial for him.. So I think that means maybe they are going to help pay for the wheelchair?! I hope so! Not getting too excited yet but I hope they do. I was hoping once they saw Lucca that they would understand WHY he needs this stuff but apparently that wasn't the case.. Oh well. Still keeping hope that everything works out. I know the Lord will provide somehow even if they DO deny him. Please keep him and us in your prayers that we are able to get and afford this stuff for Lucca!

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Schauss Family Happenings said...

What an emotional roller coaster for has to be so exhausting. I hope they that care of getting a wheelchair (at the very least). Praying for you and your family!