Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's 2 more??

Today we had Lucca's follow-up GI visit. Basically to see how he has been doing since we started him on Nexium and Erythromycin... Well, he has grown to almost 36", but has not gained any weight.. lol So he petty much looks like a twig. And according to all the different growth charts, he is underweight and so he decided that we need to see a Nutritionist, because Lucca LOVES to eat...we aren't starving him by any means. But he can only eat so much at a time because of his throwing up.. so we are looking into starting him on some sort of high calorie diet.. More info to come on that after we meet with a nutritionist..

As if one more doctor added to the list isn't enough, we are also adding an ortho spine doc too! Why not, right?! Well we have actually started to have some concerns about Lucca's spine.. The doctor said it is probably more prominent because he is SOO skinny, but there is a point in the middle of his upper back where his spine becomes VERY prominent and is prominent the rest of the way down.. Our concern is the point where the prominence starts because it is a huge JUT out when you feel his back. When he felt on Lucca's back he definitely agreed that something isn't right and actually pointed out a spot on the left of Lucca's spine that pokes on and it doesn't on the right side. So he recommended that we see the ortho spine doc just to be safe... So now I am just waiting on calls for appointments for those and I will update on what we find out!

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