Thursday, September 29, 2011

Orthopedic Dr's Visit

Today we went for a appointment with a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon to get Lucca's spine checked out. Reason being: Because it looks like this...
Notice the protrusion midway down his back? And how it is so prominent from there down? So we just wanted to make sure that his spine was developing properly.. We got some xrays of his spine and his hips -to look for hip dysplasia-(Hip dysplasia is the medical name used to describe a problem with formation of the hip joint in children. The location of the problem can be either the ball of the hip joint (femoral head), the socket of the hip joint (the acetabulum), or both), which is common in kids with hypotonia... So his spine has some slight sideways curvature to the right but not bad enough to be considered scoliosis and on the side view of his spine his upper spine is curved like a "C" because he sits slunched all the time... and his lower back is straight instead of having the curve that it should.. he said all of this is due to his hypotonia though and not bad enough that he is concerned.
These pictures are side views of the spine.The picture on the left shows the natural curves in a person's spine... the one on the right shows how Lucca's spine looks. C-shaped curve at the top and straight on the lower part.
This is not Lucca's back obviously, but just an example to show how his upper back is curved like a "C" and the middle part of that "C" is what we see jutting out in the middle of his back.

So the doctor said everything looked ok from his standpoint, that there was nothing out of the ordinary other than what is to be expected of a child with hypotonia. His hips looked and felt ok also, which is great! We go back in 6 months to get another exam... Awesome doctor! Now we go see the Neuro doc on Monday... yay. lol

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