Monday, October 17, 2011

Lucca is famous!

Last Friday, The lady that asked me to do an interview for Wolfson's a few months back, called me and asked if we could show up for a press conference to represent children of Wolfson's this morning. So we went and and got to meet PGA Tour golfer, Jim Furyk, who was representing The Players, because they donated $1 million to Wolfson's. So Lucca got to meet a PGA Tour Golfer and get his picture taken with him! And he was asking questions about Lucca's syndrome, so we got to explain to him a little about it. While we were taking pictures a lady came and asked if I would mind doing an interview with channel 4 and that it was nothing professional and it wouldn't be taped.. yah right! My aunt called my mom tonight to tell her that she saw us on the news! lol So I went to News 4 Jax and found the link. What a super exciting day!Here is the link to the interview:
And here is a picture of Lucca and Jim Furyk!

the lady also informed me that they are working on getting the Wolfon's One To Grow On website up and running and have uploaded the kids pictures and are currently working on getting their stories on there.. here is what the home page looks like!

My lil man made the front page!
The website is
This has totally been an incredibly day !

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