Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Lucca was a......

...State Trooper!

We took him to our churches annual Fall Festival for a few hours.. but he has started getting anxiety around large crowds/loud noises so we weren't able to stay for too terribly long.. Randy wanted to take him on the bouncy house slides but there were just SOOOOOO many kids running around it was super chaotic! Hopefully next year Lucca's anxiety won't be as bad. We attempted to get a family photo...

Lucca always has that dern binky strap in his mouth lol, but if you take it away he starts screeching like a pterodactyl...soo it is in every photo hehe. We also got a picture of Lucca & Paw-Paw sporting their uniforms :)

Gotta keep the Badge in the Family!

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