Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red Wagon Parade & Websites

Lucca participated in the Wolfson's Red Wagon Parade at the St. Johns Town Center for the first time this year! He got to ride on the trike he uses in therapy, that was donated by a very special couple, along with about 50 other kids! It was so fun and we met so many awesome families that go to Wolfson's for many reasons. Here is a few pictures from the parade.

Lucca also is on the Wolfson's 55 webpage along with his story of how we were introduced to Wolfsons. There is an option to donate to Wolfson's through Lucca's Story. Here is the link.

Also if you have iTunes, my little cousin and his fiance's single "The Storm" just came out and is only $.99! If you go to iTunes and purchase all the proceeds are going towards getting Lucca the gait trainer walker he so desperately needs! Thank you so much to Patrick & Brittany for doing this for Lucca :) God is going to bless you in more ways than you know for this selfless act. We Love Yall!

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