Saturday, December 3, 2011

Temporary Downtime

Well, Sunday morning, Nov. 27th, was the morning that Lucca was SUPPOSED to be baby dedicated, but I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating abdominal pains and Randy had to take me to the E.R. After a few hours in the ER of where I work (not awkward AT all.. lol) I had a CT scan that showed that my appendix was quite enlarged and "very angry" as the doctors put it.. So after some morphine, (and before i actually knew i had appendicitis) the doctor came in and was like.. "well I have good news and bad news...good news is you are feeling better, bad news is you are going to have to have surgery to get your appendix out" I was totally in shock. So i was like ok when do I need to schedule surgery? He said "oh no scheduling will be needed, the surgeons are on there way down here now to talk to you and take you up to the OR." what!? lol I totally didn't have time to prepare for this! So when the surgeons came down and talked to me and told me they needed to take out my appendix asap they also said the downtime would be around 4 weeks! are you kidding me? i have an almost 3 yr old at home,annnd a job! lol well that didn't matter and they rushed me up and took out my "angry appendix". Now I'm home on light duty and I can't pick Lucca up for 4 weeks... it totally sucks big time. The doctor said if I lift more than 10lbs that I can get a hernia in one of my incisions and that is a totally different surgery.. They also said that now that I have had this type of surgery that even after I am done healing I will never be 100% again in my abdominal muscles and I am more at risk for getting hernias easier in the future.. Great, so that basically means I am going to be having hernia surgeries sometime in my future being as I have a non-ambulatory child. perfect. lol annnnd I know i should be enjoying this break of not having to do everything for him but I'm all. I hate it. It's absolutely killing me that I can't pick him up or give him a bath or rock him to sleep... ugh! Anyway, please keep me in your prayers for an extremely quick healing of these dern abdominal muscles and my insides.. thanks :)

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