Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well alot has happened since our trip to disney.. Lucca turned 3, we had our trip to Gainesville for our follow up geneticist visit, and he had his endoscopy and ph-probe test done..

At our genetics visit the doctor told us that he feels Lucca falls into the range of Autism, and that he is also classified as "Mentally Retarded". Kinda sucks to hear all of that, but hopefully on the bright side we might be able to get other help of some sort..

On the 9th, Lucca had his endoscopy and they inserted a PH-probe to measure how many times Lucca refluxes in a 24 hour period. THAT was fun.. Mom and I had to keep Lucca from pulling the probe out of his nose for a full 24 hours! I hope we NEVER have to do that again! I couldn't wait to take that thing out at noon the next day! Overall, Lucca was such a trooper the entire process.. He is such an awesome lil man!

Once Lucca turned 3 he "aged" out of the Early Steps System that he was receiving free therapy from and had to be transitioned into the Duval County School System. We toured the school that they wanted to send Lucca to and we were not impressed with the things we saw and how things went on so we opted for having a teacher come out to the house once a week and he will go to Crystal Springs Elementary 2 times a week for OT and PT. My mom sent me this picture of Lucca waiting for his teacher to arrive.. I died, it is so freakin adorable and perfect! My little man is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!

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Miranda said...

He is growing SO FAST! Such a handsome little MAN! :-)