Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ok, I know.. I have seriously been slacking up on the updating.. lol We have just been super busy with tons of stuff going on.. I will try to remember everything that has happened over the past few months. Back on Jan. 28th Wolfsons had the "One to Grow On" Event where we briskly walked 5 miles :) Lucca was one of the 55 children honored this year through Wolfson and received a little metal with his name on it, and they told a little bit about him at the Landing before the walk/run. They held a HUGE birthday party for all 55 children at the Landing also.Here are some pictures of logos on billboards at the Landing, and the HUGE birthday cake and Lucca's candle on the cake. We also were fortunate enough to have family and friends come out and join "Team Lucca" to run/walk the 5 miles with us! Thank you to everyone who came out and spent this special time with us!

On Sunday, Feb. 26th we finally dedicated Lucca to the Lord publicly! We have been wanting to do it for FOREVER now, but things have always come up, or Lucca has been sick, or I get So Sunday we thankfully were able to get it done! Lucca was so good up on stage and didn't cry at all! It feels so good to have finally done this, and we can't wait to see the wonderful things the Lord does through Lucca!

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