Monday, September 10, 2012

Orthopaedic Appt

We had Lucca's 1 year follow up appointment with the Ortho Doctor today. Last year he got a front and side view of his entire spine and pelvis x-rays. His spine films from last year showed slight scoliosis in one direction. Today's films showed an even larger curvature in the same direction and the doctor seemed concerned about it. He didn't think it was just due to posture because the curve was going in the same direction and in the same area. Instead of waiting another year to get follow up x-rays, he wants us to get them in 6 months. If on those films the curvature is ANY larger he wants to get an MRI of Lucca's spine. I was really hoping that we wouldn't have to deal with scoliosis, but it is looking like that is going to be an issue for Lucca. Luckily his hips and pelvis look great! He also said that the issue we have been having with Lucca's foot and not weight bearing could be due to something in his spine as well, but not sure about that. Guess now its just a waiting game for 6 months to see the next step!

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