Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dentist Appt & School Visit

Monday after Lucca's Ortho appointment, we had his very first dentist appointment EVER. I was a nervous wreck because I knew that he wouldn't hold still or let them in his mouth, and basically just pictured the worst scenario ever. When I started trying to make Lucca an appointment, the place that was recommended to us by his pediatrician (because they do special needs children) didn't take our insurance...imagine that, right? So I called up a place that we had won a gift certificate to at the Fall Festival last year, and they DID take our insurance. They too dealt with special needs children. So we get there, and the dental assistant calls Lucca back and sits me down and tells me that she hopes I am not angry but when she saw that Lucca was special needs she switched him from another assistant's schedule to her because she LOVES the special needs children. She said she works on around 75% of them, so that made me feel a little more comfortable. She was so nice and interested in Lucca's condition and basically calmed all my fears. We didn't even have to get Lucca in the dentist chair, she worked on him in his own wheelchair! And we didn't have to hold him down or force anything upon him (which was my fear). She just waited on him to open his mouth and got in there whenever he would let her. She said his teeth looked great! Not really any damage from his reflux at all. Some chips obviously- from all his constant chewing, but overall looked great! Such an awesome visit! She ended up putting a note in his chart to see her every time he comes back! Definitely complete opposite visit from what I was expecting, thank the Lord!

Then Tuesday morning, we scheduled a walk through at an Elementary School that has a possible ESE class for Lucca. The school that Duval County wanted him to attend was an absolute NO GO. It was terrible. I'm sure for some kids it is perfect, just not for Lucca. This school however, was phenomenal in every aspect! It was CLEAN, welcoming, had tons of equipment, a sensory room, and the classroom that Lucca would be in had all children close to his cognitive level. <-- a huge thing for me. One of my fears was that Lucca would be in a classroom with other children that were much more advanced than him and he would get bullied or pushed, etc and have no way of defending himself or telling up he got hit, slapped, bit, you name it. So that was a huge relief to see. We loved everything we saw going on in the classroom. There was 1 teacher, 2 assistants, and 2 nurses right across the hall, to 8 kids. All the teachers were initiating some sort of activity with ALL the children. None were left across the room by themselves. (what we witnessed at another place). All the children looked happy and were interacting well with the teachers and other children. There is a PT, OT and ST there at all times. AND Lucca doesn't have to go ALL day, EVERY day just yet! Another huge point! So, after touring and talking with the teachers and director we decided we wanted to put in a "Special Assignment"  transfer sheet to try to attend Mandarin Oaks. (We had to request a special assignment because he was originally placed at a different school in our district, and we declined that placement. so we have to "request" to be placed somewhere that is out of district) That was on Tuesday afternoon. By Thursday afternoon, I got a phone call saying Lucca has been accepted and placed in Mandarin Oaks and starts Monday the 17th! I couldn't believe how fast everything happened! I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time! Lucca has never been watched by anyone other than me, Randy and my parents, and now he is going to be in SCHOOL!!! Man where does the time go?! We are really hopeful that he adjusts well, and that they do well with him and take good care of him while he is there. AND, another awesome plus is, there is a little boy in his class that is in the special needs ministry with Lucca at our church! I think this was hopefully just all meant to be :) So, tomorrow is Lucca's real FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Will update later.

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