Friday, September 7, 2012

School is Back In Session

Lucca started back to school and therapies this week! Super busy schedule for the next school year.
Mondays: PT & OT at Crystal Springs @ 11
Tuesdays: School at MiMis @ 11
Wednedays: PT & ST at Wolfson's Rehab @ varying times
Thursdays: PT & OT at Crystal Springs @ 11
Fridays: School at MiMis @ 11.

And that's not even taking into account the various and unexpected doctors visits.
Speaking of which, Lucca goes back to the Ortho DR on Monday AND has his VERY FIRST dentist appt! I am extremely nervous about it! Also next week we go take a tour of a highly recommended school (that is NOT in our district) and am hoping that we really like it. It is a further drive, but all of Lucca's older therapists have recommended it and I have heard great things from other parents about it as well. They are one of 3 schools around us that have the PLA program (for the profoundly mentally handicapped), which is the one Lucca qualifies for. Hopefully it goes much better than the first school we toured.Keeping my fingers crossed for a great facility that we feel comfortable letting Lucca stay at without us :-/ (That is going to be the hard part...trusting someone else to properly take care of my child.)
That's all that is really going on right now that I can think of.. will update again after next weeks events.

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