Sunday, July 29, 2012

P-MSF Conference

Well.. the conference has come and gone, too quickly I might add. Felt like we waited forever for it to get it and it has already passed by.. *sigh* Now we wait another long 2 years for the next one.
We had an absolutely amazing time! Actually, amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. We met so many wonderful families who know exactly what we are going through and the fellowship with everyone was so "normal" feeling. There was a dance one night and watching all the kids get so excited and running around, and dancing with their parents was an absolute joy to my heart. I can't re-iterate enough how "normal" and comfortable we felt being around everyone. There was no rushing, wondering if people were staring or judging, or fear of Lucca being too loud, etc. Everyone looked out for everyone else's kids and just loved on everyone.

The classes were also so informative. They actually were able to live-stream some of the sessions so that other families around the world who weren't able to make the conference were able to watch the sessions from their home! There was a point during one session that a PMS family messaged me on Facebook saying, "Wave! We see you and Lucca on live stream!" So awesome! A special Thanks goes out to Ricardo Lomas and Mark Quattlebaum for running around like chickens with their heads cut off the whole conference to allow all the families who weren't able to make it, to still be a part of the conference.  I know those families are so thankful! I loved meeting each and every one of the families and look forward to the next conference even more so than I was this one. I hope these next two years FLY by! (And hopefully Lucca will be walking at the next one! *fingers crossed*

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