Sunday, November 15, 2009

So we took Lucca to see the G.I. specialist on Thursday. We explained to him everything that has been going on in detail. He did an examination of Lucca and asked us "EXACTLY" what he eats every day. He told us that with Lucca being on the MAXIMUM dose of prevasid that it should not only be helping with the burning (which it is doing wonders for that) but it should also be helping the vomiting subside tremendously, which it is not. And now that he is becoming more active he is vomiting much more frequently. He only gained a pound since his 9 month visit, which proved to the doc that something is going on. He said if it was JUST the reflux then the prevasid should be helping, so that makes him think something else may be going on; especially with him throwing up undigested food 5 hours after he eats. One thing he mentioned it could be was that when babies are around 4 months, the esophagus is supposed to fully pass through the diaphragm and then the diaphragm acts as a sphincter around the esophagus keeping food from coming back up....his may not be working properly or it may not have passed through like it should. So anyway, the verdict came down to that the "endoscopy" is the only next step in finding out ANY further information as to what could be causing the frequent vomiting and anything else. They will go in, take pictures and take some biopsies to hopefully find out any information. He could possibly have allergies as well. So keep Lucca in your prayers, which I know you all have been, and I greatly greatly appreciate them. His procedure is on December 14th, not sure of a time yet. They will have to put him under anesthesia, but the test should only last about 20 minutes or so, and we will be able to go home the same day.

The doctor also told us that if by chance this test DOES come back negative, that he recommends surgery. The surgery that he recommended is called Nissen Fundoplication, which involves going in through the abdomen and wrapping the top part of the stomach around the esophagus in a knot. I personally looked up stuff about it, and I am not convinced. I know that the Lord will heal Lucca so this procedure will not have to be done. =)

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