Monday, November 30, 2009

What a weekend..

Well the weekend started out with Lucca developing a cough and stuffy/runny nose. Then we get Valencia Saturday morning, only to find out Saturday night..that she has lice! lol So her gma came and picked her up and we washed out whole house practically...then Lucca's cough and stuffy nose got really bad and even though we had him on Tylenol every 4 hours it kept getting worse. To the point where he couldn't breathe when he was laying flat and his cough started sounding very deep and congested. He started to weeze when he breathed and at night time he sounded like Kali purring lol. (not funny, but true). Then last night when I took his temp it was 101.4! def higher than it is supposed to be, even for teething. So thankfully I was able to get a last minute appt for this afternoon. When we got there the doctor listened to his lungs and confirmed that he had very bad weezing and he had something called RSV which apparently is a respiratory virus in babies that causes the bad weezing and coughing. Which then causes bronchiolitis. Of course all this would happen JUST A WEEK AFTER his physical to get cleared for anesthesia for his endoscopy lol. Anyway, they gave him an albuterol treatment in the office, which he absolutely HATED! He would not sit still and was screaming bloody murder the entire time. The doc finally had to come in and basically hold him down, (which I did not handle very well =\ ) But we got it done. So he said he was going to give us a script for albuterol and gave me a nebulizer to take home and we have to give him treatments every 3-4 hours until the cough is gone. Soo.. I hurry home to feed Lucca and Randy goes to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine..only to call me and say that they never received the script!!! And by then the doctors office was closed to I couldn't call. I am so pissed off right now and don't know what to do! So right now we are waiting on a phone call from the pharmacy hoping that they will receive the script before they close at 8..which is in a hour so it isn't looking promising. I guess I will just have to call the doc in the morning and do this all over again..I really hope Lucca has an ok night =(

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