Monday, December 21, 2009

U/S, Teeth, & Milk

Lucca's GI doctor ordered an Abdominal Ultrasound for Lucca after his Endoscopy got postponed, so I took him this morning bright and early to get that done. He was such a good boy, and didn't cry at all. In fact, he laughed the entire time and kept trying to play with the ultrasound techs equipment lol. She didn't say she saw anything bad (which they can't say anyway) so I'm hoping everything turned out ok.

2 weeks ago when we took him to the pediatrician to get "cleared" for the endoscopy, the doctor told us that Lucca had two more TOP teeth coming in, but no more on the bottom, which would make 8 teeth total. They still haven't broken through completely, but last night when I was rubbing orajel in his mouth, i felt more teeth on the of a week and a half ago, he didn't have any coming in, well these have already broken through half way...OUT OF NO WHERE! lol so now my baby boy has a grand total of TEN teeth! lol And boy does he use them suckers...when he gets super excited he turns into a piranha and will take a chunk out of your collar bone lol. I am so ready for him to get all his teeth in so mama can get some sleep! hehe

Lucca's 12 month appt is this Wednesday...yes, already.. *sigh* my little boy is growing up so fast! Well anyway, the doctor said that he wants to try to start Lucca on while milk when he turns a year old.. he has been on soy forever now, but he likes it! When I was at the grocery, I saw these little baby yogurts that were banana flavored (which he LOVES) so I decided to try them out. And bought 2 packs, because they were 2 for $3 lol. So I tried them out for his snack today, and he absolutely LOVED it, I couldn't put it in his mouth fast enough before he started grabbing for more. So I thought, "awesome" something new that we can give him. Well not even 30 minutes after he ate he PROJECTILED his yogurt all over daddy.. and not only was it alot, it was sooooooo SOUR smelling, like soured milk. And of course the yogurt has cultured WHOLE milk in it.. So I'm thinking that whole milk is a NO-GO. and he will probably be on soy forever lol. Oh well.

There is my little update..until next time =)

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