Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our interesting Monday..

Soo.. Monday turned out to be an interesting day/night for the McLendons...

That afternoon when Randy had gotten home from work, he decided to cook a Pizza in the oven. So I went to take a shower while he made the pizza and watched Lucca. All of a sudden Randy comes busting into the bathroom screaming "THE STOVE IS ON FIRE!!!!" lol So I run into the livingroom/kitchen to see what is going on and there is smoke EVERYWHERE! Poor Lucca kept blinking his eyes because of the smoke, and Randy had all the doors open, and of course I was worried about Kali using that as her chance to escape! lol I wasn't even thinking about the fire! heh. So we finally figure out what caused the fire to start...a dish rag fell into the stove while he was cooking and caught on fire... lol so he pulls it out and runs through the house and throws it the GRASS! well not exactly the BEST idea considering the grass is DEAD! so yes, you guessed it..the grass caught on fire hehe!! not funny at the time, obviously, but hilarious now. So he ran to get the hose and i was running back in forth with a pitcher of water..I'm sure our neighbors thinks we are absolute idiots... oh well.. we put it out!
our nice burn spot in the backyard lol
the nasty culprit! the dish rag!
...THEN..later on that night while Randy and I were getting ready for bed..I was on the computer and he was in the bedroom brushing his teeth...the alarm goes off.. and we have the LOUD siren.. so I just figured he opened the door and forgot to turn the alarm off...well he comes running in asking if I opened the door for anything and of course I was like NO I THOUGHT YOU DID! lol so we start running around trying to find weapons and he ends up with a butcher knife and I end up hiding in the pantry! LOL! So the alarm said it was our family door that was tampered with ...Then the next morning someone had seriously messed with my side view mirror on my car...
so hopefully it was just some stupid kids trying to play a prank and not someone seriously trying to break in!
So anyway, there is our interesting night for you guys to laugh at! lol STAY SAFE everyone!!

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