Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Weekend

It has been way too long since we have had a nice stress-free weekend... This weekend Lucca & I went to his cousin's Grayson's 2nd birthday party. It was really fun and I think Lucca enjoyed watching all the kids run around acting crazy. I can't wait for Lucca to be able to run around and play with them! Then Saturday night my parents watched Lucca so Randy & I could go on a MUCH NEEDED date night! We went to the movies and saw The Book of Eli, which was an INCREDIBLE movie! I highly recommend it! Then we went to Outback with some gift certificates that my parents got us for Christmas... when we walked in there was a 80-90 minute wait! Luckily after 20 minutes we found a seat in the bar and ate and finished before people that got there before us had even been sat.. heh we are sneaky lil sneaks... =)
Then Sunday afternoon Randy went and played golf and my mom and I went to the mall to exchange some stuff and went to Babies R Us.. I could spend ALL DAY in that store!
Now today, we got up early..surprise surprise, I got the house all cleaned and FINALLY got Lucca's bookcase put together! It looks so good, and now that I have something to put all his books in, his closet and room is less cluttered! Always a plus! So that's all for now! So thankful to have had a good weekend with my family =) God has truly blessed me and my family!!

Frontal view

view from the side

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