Saturday, February 6, 2010

My E.R. visit

A couple of months ago at work , I had a slight allergic reaction to SOMETHING and it caused my face and neck to break out in hives and swell up and I couldn't stop itching and burning! so I had to be admitted to the ER and a benedryl drip was the only thing that would make it stop. It hasn't happened since then, except this last Thursday..I guess it decided to visit again, whatever it is.... It started out with my eyes itching and swelling and then it lead to my face and neck, and this time it went to my back and arms, and it started to affect my breathing and swallowing. My heart started to race and I got really dizzy, so once again..I got admitted to the ER lol. Not funny at the time but kinda now. THIS time, I guess because my body went into shakes and my heart was racing that they decided to give me Zanex (sp?) and Atavan... along with Prednizone(sp?) so needless to say... I was VERY VERY loopy! I was seriously hallucinating in my stretcher down in the ICU..everyone that walked by had two heads and i thought there was something moving under my sheets. it was REALLY bad! My dad had to drive me home, and once I got home, I don't remember ANYTHING after that. I don't remember taking a shower, drying my hair, putting my pajamas on or getting in bed.. The next morning when Randy woke me up for work I was freaking out because Lucca's monitor was off and I thought "omg his monitor has been off all night you need to go check on him!!" randy was just like.. "Lyndsay, he stayed with your parents last night" Man I do NOT like not knowing what happened the night before, very scary feeling! and then when I looked in the pajamas were on backwards! lol

Soo... I think it is time to go see an allergist so I can find out WHAT is causing these outbreaks, before it happens again!

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