Monday, March 22, 2010

P.T. Update

Today was Lucca's ACTUAL first Physical Therapy session. Last week was his evaluation, but she still showed us a few things that we could take home and do with him. We did a lot with him over the past week.. Sometimes he would cooperate and sometimes he would be pure lazy and not want to to anything.. Luckily today she said she could tell we had been working with him because he was doing better at the exercises that she taught us. Today he was really tired and cranky because he didn't sleep good last night. He cooperated some and was doing things, but was whiny the whole time lol.. She gave us some more exercises to try out this next week. I'm really hoping that he catches on and starts to progress =) We also have our Occupational and Speech Therapy evaluations next month. Please continue to keep us in your prayers =)

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Miranda Tucci said...

YAY! Way to go Lucca! (and way to go Momma and Daddy!)