Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend Randy and I went away to Savannah,GA. His mom won some type of ticket thing on a radio station and so we got to go for free! We heard that it was going to be around 75ish degrees down there so we packed for summer weather. When we woke up Saturday morning, it was FREEEEEZING and in the 40s! lol Luckily I had left my thin sweater in the car and luckily we had brought ONE pair of pants just in case, but Randy had NO jacket... So we spent the majority of our morning searching for him a jacket.. and it was absolutely FREEZING outside and windy as all get out. I wouldn't be surprised if we get sick! It was really beautiful there though. Everything was VERY historic looking... We walked around all day down by the river and around the different streets.. it was fun, but the weather definately hindered us from being able to fully enjoy it I think. Then this morning we woke up and packed up to leave...walked outside our room and it was BEAUTIFUL weather of course.. I didn't get to take many pictures because we were bundled up trying to stay warm the whole time but I did manage to get a few!

One of the fountains down by the river

I LOVE this artwork! It was too expensive to buy so I just took a picture of it! lol

Ice Cream in one of the 'sweet shops' looked SOO yummy!
Rice Crispie Treats and Cupcakes!
There was a store down there that had all kinds of animals made from moss!

This was a restaurant called 'The Chart House' located on the river

This was our view of the river from our sidewalk

Our Hotel

Another Fancy hotel

Another Hotel (they were all just like huge historic looking buildings!)

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