Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weight Lifted off my Shoulders!

Well we had Lucca's 15 month appt yesterday and he now weighs almost 22 lbs and is 31 1/4 in long! He got his chicken pox shot too lol. But the best part of the whole visit was when we talked to his doctor about the recent "diagnosis" of him possibly having something neurologically wrong also. He disagrees!! He compared Lucca's situation to someone having a broken arm. Their arm is in a cast in the same position for however many months and once they get the cast off..their muscles in that arm have atrophied..and they have to go to Physical Therapy to get those muscles working again. Lucca has been in the same position (on his back) for basically a year due to his severe he doesn't know how to get his muscles working because he is so used to and comfortable in that position..PT will held getting his muscles fired up and teach him how to use them.!! We are sooooooo relieved to hear this!! They said it is just all about repetition with the exercises and he has already started to show progress! Thank you so much for everyone's prayers! We are claiming a miracle over my lil angel!!

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Miranda Tucci said...

Yaaaay! That's SO AWESOME!!!