Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Retail Therapy

So tonight since my mom is watching Lucca, I decided to go shopping for Lucca some winter clothes. When I took him to therapy Monday morning it was chilly outside, and all i had for winter clothes were 18 months he wore highwaters to therapy lol.. my baby will NOT wear highwaters! So I found some super cute stuff at Target and Kohls for some GREAT prices!

super cute fleece jackets for 5.99! 24mths

thicker cotton pants for 4.99 24mths

some thinner pants..also 4.99 24mths

and some "workout" pants for 4.99 24mths

Target has THE cutest pajama sets for little boys so here are a few that we got from there for 14.99... and they come with 2 sets of pj's so we got lots of pj's for winter!! and I had to get size 3T cuz he is sooo long!

I also got some cute workout clothes for mama too =)

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Miranda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I've been looking for some more PJ's for Tristan. I absolutely LOVE the ones you got him for his birthday! I found some at Target here but they are really expensive :-( Maybe I can shop online at Kohls! Man.. I wish we had a Kohls!