Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Therapy Updates

Lucca had a GREAT therapy session yesterday with his PT Ms. Debbie. He has a weighted compression vest that we bought him to wear that helps weigh him down some and helps with his low muscle tone.. (hard to explain exactly what it does, but it helps him balance better and gives him better "input"). Anyway, he wore it the whole session yesterday and she said he had one of the best sessions he has had in a while. He was sitting up great and doing pushups and picking up his legs to walk.. and as a treat he got to go on the little trike they have there! He was so cute!
(his little vest looks like a bulletproof vest lol)
Then his therapist called me this morning saying that next week he is getting fitted for orthotics. (ankle braces) to help keep his feet from rolling in and turning in when he is weight bearing. So that is exciting! ALSO since Lucca sat up for the first time on Sunday, he has been doing it almost every time he sees his beads! I took another video of him yesterday sitting up, just because I am so proud of him and want to share it with the world!! It is such an accomplishment for him!


Miranda said...

WAY TO GO LUCCA! I'm so happy things are going great for him - he's such a precious little guy!

PS - LOVE LOVE LOVE the font on your post! What's it called?!

Miss You!

Lynzy said...

Pea Bandit =) Miss you guys so much!